Wallpaper* Handmade 2018

Milan, Italy

Each year at Salone del Mobile this exhibition of captivating collaborations is joined by a whole host of friends to enrich the true Wallpaper* Handmade experience. Wellness & Wonder was this year’s Handmade theme and Christopher Farr were asked to join forces with designers David Caon and Gregory Parkinson to work on the brief.


The resultant design by Caon, ‘Ceremony’ pays homage to the Italian tradition of Aperitivo. Formed of an ultramarine polypropylene rug supported by aluminium armatures and a matching table that also functions as a storage unit or ice bucket. Under the watchful, creative eyes of Los Angeles fashion designer Gregory Parkinson, the rug has been woven from polypropylene fibre which is more commonly used for making yacht ropes, so it is incredibly hardwearing and waterproof.  ‘Ceremony’ was first exhibited in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2018 and then toured to be on display in Singapore until the end of August 2018.